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TalentEgg traffic is up again, but people sure are searching for some weird things…

We’ve had our noses in Google Analytics a lot recently, and we’re proud to announce that, once again, we’ve experienced a huge surge in visitors to TalentEgg: traffic has increased by 26% over last month!

And while we were monitoring that trend we noticed some pretty … interesting … keywords people used to get to, the Career Incubator and LAUNCH Magazine. Some of these definitely made us LOL in the Egg Carton and we had to share them with you.

First, the serious career stuff

Some students and recent grads who came across TalentEgg were feeling totally alone in their unemployment, a common trend among students and graduates this year because of the economy. Some of them posed the questions, am i the only unemployed graduate? and am i the only student unable to get a summer job – we hope that after reading some of the personal stories of unemployed students and recent grads on the Career Incubator, they felt less alone!

We also hope the person who searched find me a job realizes that sitting in front of their computer screen demanding search engines find them a job doesn’t work so well. Other strange career-related search terms include:

  • unpaid internship for experienced engineer (save them for the students and recent grads, please!)
  • i am an mba who needs a job (guess that whole grad school thing didn’t pan out too well, did it?)

Recent grads have a love/hate relationship with their parents

Some surfers are seriously concerned not only about moving back in with their parents, but also about how long they can live with their parents without killing them. Although we admit we were amused, we were also somewhat disturbed by these search terms:

  • average rent living with parents
  • how to survive living with parents in your 20s
  • average age kids move out
  • too old to live with parents
  • buying life insurance on your parents
  • who pays credit card when your parents die

On a less funny note, debt is sometimes top of mind for students and recent grads

Recent numbers suggest university grads are leaving university with about $25,000 in student and other debt. Debt is especially tough to deal with when you’re young and un/underemployed, as the next phrases suggest. Hopefully they found what they were looking for in the Money section of our LAUNCH Magazine.

  • can not get out of credit card debt and depressed
  • credit problems of generation y
  • how debt is destroying people and how people are abusing credit cards
  • how to make your mortgage less evil

Some students and grads may be turning to an all-Ramen diet to save money

After our article on cheap meal ideas, which was written by Ishani Nath to help people avoid a diet of Ramen noodles, thrifty eaters flocked to LAUNCH Magazine after searching for the following (somewhat sad) phrases:

  • is ramen and potatoes an okay diet?
  • is ramen bad to eat if you are on a diet?
  • is there a ramen noodle diet?
  • ramen diet to save money
  • cheaper than ramen noodles

To answer your questions: No, yes, and I hope not! Ramen noodles is not a food group, people!

Finally, just weird stuff

  • lifting with your mind
  • how to avoid destroying life
  • fruits and veggies go bad in vending machines?
  • tips for frostbite
  • there are how many axe in the world
  • turkey dump, turkey dump, turkey turkey dump dump (re: The Turkey Dump phenomenon)
  • canola sales

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Cassandra Jowett is TalentEgg's Content Manager. She joined the team as a student intern in the summer of 2008, and since then her heart has never really left the Egg Carton. Cassandra is a recent graduate of the Ryerson University School of Journalism, where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism with a focus in writing and editing for newspapers. She has also written and edited for The Globe and Mail, The National Post, t.o.night newspaper and other publications.
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